ImageHelpers - imaging tools from preprocessing to barcode and character recognition

ImageHelpers is a suite of intelligent imaging solutions that provide a fast and easy way to capture documents and photographs and transform information from image into computer-readable form. ImageHelpers makes a strong commitment to providing leading edge technology, a robust software bundle while having an excellent value proposition.

ImageHelpers offers a solution for everyone, from the home and small office user to corporate and department workgroups, allowing them to be more creative, communicate more effectively and increase productivity.

Document structure analysis and character recognition are usually done in several phases: scanning, thresholding, skew detection and correction, despeckle or speckle removal, line removal, border removal , detection of preprinted elements (like boxes or rakes), page orientation detection and correction (landscape or up side down), layout analysis, form identification and recognition, character recognition (OCR / ICR) and barcode recognition. That is why we decided to provide solutions for each phase.

All ImageHelpers products are delivered and supported by technical professionals who care about and are committed to solving customerís complex imaging problems.